Clinic Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the questions and answers below as they are very helpful in clearing up questions that you may have. If, however, there are questions which have not been addressed please feel free to call our friendly and courteous receptionists.


Please call 03 5975 0022 to make an appointment or alternatively fill the form and we will surely contact you and book an appointment for you.

Cancellation Policy

Tanti Creek General Practice strives to provide excellent care and we would appreciate if cancelling an appointment that we are informed at least 4-6 hours before the appointment time so as to allot these needed appointments to others needing them. Failure to cancel an appointment will attract an automatic $30 fee.

Patient confidentiality

Tanti Creek General Practice while providing excellent medical care also maintains very strict confidentiality rules. All patient records, consultations, results and communications are kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged to third parties without the express consent of the concerned patient. Medical information will not be provided over the telephone and no medical information is released without authorization.

Recall system

As Tanti Creek Genral Practice is committed to provide excellent care we will ask that you be included in our recall system so that you can be informed when your results are ready and also to be reminded of screens and checks that are due from time to time. This allows follow up of patients and continuity of care. Please inform our staff if you do not wish to be part of this recall and reminder system.


Due to confidentiality constraints and the need to deliver comprehensive care we will be requiring that patients make an appointment to come back for their results. We are unable to give results to patients over the telephone. We have a recall system in place for this purpose as mentioned above.

Emails and Phone calls

The reception desk receives phone calls during the opening hours of the clinic. All phone calls are treated with utmost importance. Should we not have an immediate answer for you we will endeavor to call you back in a timely manner. Emails are responded to within 60 minutes and out of hours emails on the next business day. Please ask our reception staff for a copy of our communication policy. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open after-hours?
Tanti Creek General Practice is not open after hours at the present time. Things may change and we will inform our patients. Please call Doctor Doctor on 13 26 60 for after hours medical care.
Do you bulk bill?

Tanti Creek General Practice is no longer bulk billing. Please speak to our friendly receptionists for more information.

I will be travelling soon and I will need vaccinations? Do you provide these?

Yes, we provide travel consultations and also give these vaccinations. The vaccines, however, need to be bought by the patients. Many of the vaccines are available at our practice.

I have some moles and I suspect they could be cancer. Can you check these for me?
Skin cancer checks and mole mapping and monitoring attract a fee depending on the time spent. All excisions (removals) are will also attract a Medicare rebatable fee. Please speak to our friendly receptionists.
I need a mental health care plan to see a psychologist. What do I do?
Please feel free to call to make an appointment to see one of our experienced doctors for a mental health care plan and then be referred to a psychologist of your choice.